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Here at Above + BOLO, we believe that pretty much everybody—no matter who or what they are—at least appreciates (if not totally digs) receiving gifts. And while that is obviously true, it’s even truer that people especially bask in the glory of receiving gifts that have a unique, and even “personal” touch. A gift that is both unique and personalized totally ups your gift-giving game . . . much in the same way that putting deodorant on right before a hot date does: both take but just a little extra effort, but have dividends that know no bounds (or in this case, bases).

Obviously when it comes to the fine art of gift-giving, it’s no question that Bolo Ties are the way to go. Even the most basic of Bolo Ties is leaps and bounds ahead of the usual suspects when it comes to unique and personalized gift options. We know, we know—you’re wondering how we dare make such a claim with so many personalized key chains and coffee mugs roaming the market . . . but let us explain just how elementary that fact is, our dear Watson.

For starters, Bolo Ties (also known as Bola Ties or Cowboy Ties) are what the American people call a “classic”. When done right, (and when do Bolo Ties not do you right?!) they’ve been a consistent and evolving hallmark of the fashion-forward and culturally present for the past EIGHT decades. Translation: They are to the neck, what Chuck Taylors are to the feet . . . what a pair of worn-in Levis is to every rump roast this side of the Mississippi. The lesson to be learned here is that despite any preconceived notions—it is not only safe but accurate to say that Bolo Ties can and should be rocked by every man, woman and child. So a Bolo Tie then, it’s settled . . . but which one?! We thought you'd never ask . . . here's where your opportunity to personalize this badass gift busts through the door, throws you into his DeLorean and says, "Roads? Ha. Where we're going we don't need roads." 

Ok . . . so back to the future—your future—soon to be filled with so many Bolo Tie options you will have no trouble finding the perfectly personalized one for that special someone (or more likely, for yourself—since we all know it’s when you’re supposed to  to be shopping for others that you end up finding all the cool stuff you want). We advise you to treat yo’ self.

At Above + Bolo our Bolo Ties come in so many styles and themes, we guarantee you’ll have no problem finding just the one you need. Need ideas for that friend who—despite being forced into a cubicle day after day—is really just a closeted desert hippie who dreams of changing her name to Shiloh and living off the land? We’d suggest you click HERE to shop any of our turquoise, Native American, and/or vintage Bolo Tie styles we currently have for sale.

Shopping for a Pisces? We have a Bolo Tie for that. Or maybe it's your long-time friend, voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in the 7th grade, but sadly hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations of his peers and is still working the night shift at the local bowling alley . . . yes, there is a Bolo Tie for him and we've got it. In fact, forget about friendship necklaces . . . can you say matching friendship Bolo Ties?! If that doesn’t say “I’ll always have your stylish back BFF”, then we really don’t know what will . . .

If their name starts with any of the 26 letters in the English alphabet, you’re in luck-- we have monogrammed Bolo Ties a plenty. Shoot, you could even mix it up and opt for a Bolo Tie monogrammed with the first letter of their nickname or undercover lover instead!!! (I know, we’re bolo-ing your mind). What we’re saying is, the sky is the limit when it comes to unique and personalized Bolo Ties for all of the people and situations in your life, no matter how strange or typical.

So what have we learned today? Only one of the most valuable life lessons available-- that a Bolo Tie is one of the greatest gifts you can give because it’s personal, unique, an American “classic”, and can be worn by anyone! Sure, a Bolo Tie may be the very last thing your friend might expect to receive; but we promise it’ll be the greatest gift they never knew they always wanted.

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