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If you're going to own just one Bolo Tie, it had better be a Turquoise Bolo Tie. That's right, Turquoise on your Bolo Tie is akin to gravy on your mashed potatoes; it's the classic accentuating sidekick, and for good reason.

You're probably familiar with Turquoise--you know, that beautiful blue-green gemstone that never goes out of style and looks amazing, no matter what you're wearing?! Well then, it should be no surprise to you that Turquoise has been used in jewelry (as well as architecture) for thousands of years! The ancient civilizations of Persia, Egypt and Turkey all found many beautiful uses for this precious stone. And not just for its incredibly brilliant blue-green hues-- though that would be reason enough-- but also because esoterically, Turquoise is regarded as a "Holy Stone". That's right-- wearing Turquoise is thought to not only protect you from an unnatural death, but also to bring good fortune! Knowing that, do you really want to take the risk of not wearing it?! I mean, an unnatural death and/or bad luck . . . ain't nobody got time for that! Better treat yo'self to some Turquoise, and fast.

When we think of Turquoise, we can't help but associate it with the beautiful craftsmanship and style of the southwest. Because of this, the use of Turquoise on Bolo Ties is both a common and natural application. In fact, many of our Native American Bolo Ties (both new and vintage) incorporate Turquoise alongside the Aztec-style patterns, silver settings, and various nature themes that are especially in style right now. But wait . . . you want a real show-stopper?! Check out our TURQUOISE BOLO TIES that incorporate other various contrasting precious stones, as shown in the example to the left. There's no denying this is a stunning look as the bright blue-green stone has the unique talent of setting off virtually any color it's paired with!

So let's talk the nitty-gritty of Turquoise . . . to treat or not to treat? Well, that's really up to you! Some people prefer the look and style of the untreated, rough Turquoise nuggets. Bolo Ties with this type of Turquoise setting give off a more raw, earthy and masculine vibe. 

On the other side of things, (and more commonly) we find "treated" Turquoise in settings. This just means the Turquoise has had at least something (if not several things) done to it in order to bring out its natural color, smooth it down, and give it a certain shape and shine. Both are great looks, but ultimately you should decide what type of Turquoise Bolo Tie is right for you, depending on the look and style you're going for.


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