(continued from previous post)   You stand up and brush the dust off your leather chaps. Your ever-loyal bronco patiently waits for you to pull yourself together. You're still a little shaky as you take the reins and hoist yourself up on to your saddle. With the click of your tongue you direct your horse back towards town. You run your fingers over your Bolo Tie again and again. You've had close calls before, but this one takes the cake.

A crowd has gathered outside the bank where the robbery took place. You tell the people you're sorry for not being there. Although you feel you let them down, they understand that you did everything you could. As you dismount your horse, a young Navajo boy comes up to you and inspects your wounded Bolo Tie. The bullet--still warm from discharge--sits lodged in the precious turquoise stone. You ask if there is a way to repair the damage, and he nods. You slide the silver knot down and remove the Bolo Tie from around your neck. The boy smiles and takes it to his grandfather.

Despite the sheriff badge that you wear so proudly on your chest, you suddenly feel naked and unprotected without your Bolo Tie. You anxiously await for your Bolo to be returned as you talk to the folks in town about the events that transpired. You take down all the information that you can--from what was taken to what the robbers looked like.

The next 60 minutes is the longest hour of your life when finally the young boy returns with your beloved Bolo Tie. He presents it to you with a grin. You look down at it and return the smile. There in the turquoise is the bullet hollowed out and filled with another turquoise stone. It's not quite how it used to be, but it is perfect to you. This new addition to your Bolo Tie is a symbol of life . . . a symbol of hope.

What's next four our hero and the life-saving turquoise Bolo Tie? Stay tuned for the next installment. And while you're waiting, click HERE to shop our Turquoise Bolo Ties like the one that saved our hero's life. 

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