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(continued from previous post)   You smile and nod as you accept your restored Bolo Tie. You then hand the young Navajo boy your hat so you can put your Bolo back on. Once you securely tighten your beloved Bolo Tie around your neck, the young boy hands you back your hat.  You run your hands through your dampened hair and rest your hat upon your head, feeling the cool perspiration on its brim against your forehead.  You look towards the trail that you will follow to find the men who got away. They got away once, you think, but they won't get away again. Your gaze is stern and focused, your right hand gently resting on your Colt .45 as you trace the bullet mark and new turquoise stone of your Bolo Tie with your left. "So what do you think you'll do, Sheriff?" asks a young mother of three.

You turn your attention towards her and let out a sigh. You turn your eyes down to her children; three young boys, their normally blonde hair is now dark brown, matted with sweat and dust. Their eyes, bright as the sky above them. The rest of their clothes are discolored and dirty, but one thing shines bright in the sunlight -- all three boys have matching silver Bolo Ties with a simple gem in the middle. You take this as a good omen. "Sheriff?" asks the young mother again.

You wake from your trance and look into the eyes of the mother. You give a slight shake of your head, and before you can open your mouth to say anything, the young woman nods. Your eyes said everything, from "I don't know" to "I'm sorry." Guilt consumes you. She lightly touches your arm, a sign of comfort in these confusing times. You give her a nod as you turn back towards your horse. The thieves will have to wait for now. You have to find out about your water supply. You mount your trusty bronco; his steady trot turns to a gallop and your Bolo Tie once again thumps against your chest like a second heartbeat. It reminds you that you were spared for a reason, and you won't settle until your purpose has been fulfilled.

What's next for our hero and the life-saving turquoise Bolo Tie? Stay tuned for the next installment. And while you're waiting, click HERE to shop our Turquoise Bolo Ties like the one that saved our hero's life.

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