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The beloved Bolo Tie first gained popularity in the southwestern United States. Historically a masculine piece, it first became fashionable amongst men who wanted some kind of simple, yet unique accessory to tie (pun intended) their western look all together. And although the Bolo Tie has its roots firmly tied to the cowboy culture of the southwest, you can wear a western style Bolo Tie without feeling like an awkward cowboy transported in a time machine and awkwardly dumped into the modern age.

So let’s say you are attracted to this style of western wear . . . the question to answer is how do you rock a western style Bolo Tie, without looking too much like a cowboy? Luckily for you, there are several cutting edge ways you can wear your western style Bolo Tie. The main word of caution here is to avoid overdoing the “Western” look, because you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume. Pairing your Bolo Tie with only ONE other western style item—like a nice worn pair of cowboy boots for example—is great and can really tie a great fashion-forward look together without looking like you're wearing a costume. But if you also add in a big belt buckle or a cowboy hat . . . well, now you’ve overdone it. You have just taken your Bolo Tie from the retro fashion-forward inspired realm right into the cheesy, looks like you’re wearing a costume dead-zone. This is because the Bolo Tie as an accessory, is itself enough of a statement piece; adding much more will make your outfit look like a costume and be almost impossible to be taken seriously by anyone with any fashion sense whatsoever.

The only way you might be able to pull off multiple western-styled accessories in addition to your Bolo Tie is if you happen to live somewhere (likely in the southwest) where western wear is common. However, it’s not recommended—and most fashion-forward individuals avoid entrenching themselves in styles so obviously aligned with everyone else in their geographical area. If you’re going to rock a western style Bolo Tie—and we here at Above + BOLO definitely think you should—try and keep the rest of your outfit somewhat subtle and western-cowboy-vibe-free. If you stick to that simple guideline, you and your Bolo Tie will be turning heads for all the right reasons.

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