Bolo Ties For Sale

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I am a big advocate of Costco. One of the things I love there is the Hillshire Farm thin slices oven roasted turkey breast. I know what you are thinking, why does it matter what kind of turkey brand I get? Isn’t turkey just a commodity good? The answer is both yes and no, but the reason I love this kind so much is because of the packaging: it comes in a large plastic rectangular package and once the turkey is gone, the package can now be used as a hefty portion tupperware!

We all love when a product can be used for something other than its originally intended purpose. Johnson and Johnson did something similar with their first aid kits, shirts can be used as pants (usually only on very desperate occasions); shoelaces can be used as a belt. That one was made popular not too long ago in the skateboarding community. This can also be said of bolo ties, as the bolo tie is a very versatile and useful tool as well as an essential fashion piece. The Bolo tie was actually invented in this way, while being used for a completely different purpose.

Back in 1940, a resident of Arizona was riding his horse in the desert when the wind almost took his hat. For fear of losing his luxurious silver trimmed hatband, he fashioned the band around his neck. His friend jokingly made a comment about the band resembling a tie, and the rest is history. And there you have it! The bolo tie was originally the band of a hat, and similarly the bolo tie can be used for that very purpose, as a hat band.

Stealing from the skate world as mentioned above, the bolo tie (if long enough) can also be used as a belt. Say you lose that annoying little plastic doohickey that keeps the bread bag together. Have no fear, bolo tie to the rescue! The freshness of your bread is now secure, and it also looks much more stylish in the pantry. These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless, the bolo tie can really be used for anything you can think of, and it helps if it is for something you need tied or held together.  What would you use it for??

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