Bolo Ties For Sale

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Celebrities have been known to wear eccentric and sometimes ridiculous clothing or fashions. Lady Gaga is well known for her unique outfits. A more recent one is Pharrell’s ridiculous hat that he for some reason feels is necessary to continue to wear. I am not sure who convinced him or is paying him to keep up this ridiculous charade, but it seems to be getting attention. Maybe promotion for his new album. Another one is Jared Leto’s ombre, which combined with his flawless face and current Oscar winning role of playing a woman has many people saying that he is a more beautiful girl than most girls.

Another fashion that has recently entered (or perhaps better said re-surfaced) is the bolo tie. We have seen this beautiful piece of artistry in mostly the music scene, but also the sports game. At this point it is no secret to anyone who listens to music or doesn’t live under a stupid rock or something that two current prominent, chart-topping music men were sporting a bolo tie at this years Grammy awards show. The brilliant and brave fashion icons responsible for this are none other than Mr. Bruno Mars and Mr. Macklemore himself. I am not a big fan of the former, but if he can rock a bolo tie I suppose I can learn to respect his fashion sense.

As for Raven Bowie (aka Macklemore), this is not the first time he has supported and braved the bolo tie; he can be seen wearing one with a turquoise bolo backdropped to a simple salmon button down when he played a tiny desk concert at NPR in December 2012. He truly understands that when it comes to fashion, it is “better with a bolo”. This is not the first time the bolo tie has been spotted on an iconic musician . . . flash back to 1987 and you will see the one and only Bruce Springstein proudly wearing a bolo tie on his album cover “Tunnel of Love”. That’s over 20 years ago. I was one!

Fashion repeats itself, and we can see that the age of the bolo tie is upon us. Football fans also recently got a taste of the bolo tie courtesy of San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. The new fad has been a popular pick among native San Diegans and a local Western store can’t keep up with the demand. It has also caused other celebs like Mario Lopez to wear the bolo tie! What more can I say, the proof is in the pudding- the bolo tie is the next big thing in fashion, whether you like it or not.        

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