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When talking about the popular skinny tie, most people may not think about the retro look resembling the 60s.  The truth is the skinny tie was made popular through pop icons like the Beatles during the end of the 50s.  By the end of the 60s, the skinny tie faded out of popularity and fashion designers began to make thicker ties.  But of course as fashion always does, it repeated itself and skinny ties are once again all the rage.  The skinnier the better, sometimes. The idea of the bolo tie was first born in the mind of an Arizonan cowboy, Victor Cedarstaff, in the late 40s.  The bolo tie has always been considered a fashion relating to cowboys and the American southwest, and it is no surprise since it was invented by a real life cowboy from the Grand Canyon state!  However, the bolo tie is now making its way into mainstream fashion and is causing quite a stir. So what does the bolo tie have to do with the skinny tie?  Well a few reasons: one, we again see fashion history repeating itself, and although the bolo tie may not have been as mainstream as the skinny tie those many decades ago, it was fashionable enough to be worn by the one and only Bruce Springstein on one of his album covers.  Which brings us to number two: celebrities love the bolo tie.  Why?  Because it makes a statement and helps you stand out!  Remember, here at Above and Bolo we believe whole heartedly in the mantra “better with a bolo”. The third similarity, but maybe better stated as a difference, is that in a way, a bolo tie is just a super skinny skinny tie.  It also happens to be secured by a decorative ornamental clasp, but this isn’t much different than a tie bar, right?  I mean let’s get real, what’s skinnier than a shoestring necktie?

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