Bolo Ties For Sale



From Wickenburg he came

Not many knew his name

Upon his horse he rode

A burning in his soul

Ride Cowboy ride

Ride Cowboy ride 

The wind blew strong that day

But still they rode without delay

The desert sun beat down

His hat he wore just like a crown

Ride Cowboy ride

Ride Cowboy ride

Ride with Pride

Above and Bolo

Show me the way to go

As we careen side by side

Down this ever changing road

The wind would try to overthrow this mighty king

But he had other plans a trick was hiding up his sleeve

His silver trimmed hatband he wielded like a sword

And on that fateful day the Bolo Tie was born

Ooooooooh x2

Above and Bolo show me where to go

I've been feeling so alone

Then you came and stole my heart

Your beauty's a work of art

The beauty that is the Bolo Tie

Aaaaaaah x2

Show me where to go

I am so alone

Until you came and saved my soul

I was broken now I'm whole

I'm a lion so call me king

Like a wiseman gifts I bring

And I'm not lyin' when I sing

When I say the Bolo Tie is the greatest thing

Ever made since the dawn of time

Since the dinosaurs or St. Valentine

I rock the Bolo Tie that's how I make her mine

Haters gonna hate, but I just don't got time

I do my thing I just ignore 'em

I wear it proudly Tyrannosaurus

Just getting started we're going far

Our empire is the sun, we are chasing stars

Hella sponsors, Bruno Mars is

Raven Bowie aka Macklemore is

New Noises you can't ignore us

Christopher Columbus we're explorin'

I'm always scorin' 

I never fumble

I am king of the jungle

An animal ready to rumble

I am flyin' I never stumble

Shine like a diamond 

I sting like I'm a bumble

I am a giant fee fi fo fum

I grumble

I live the motto YOLO

I am stylin steezy in my

Bolo Tie


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