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When someone thinks of a bolo tie, their first though is usually in the form of a question: “a what?  Bolo tie?  what is a bolo tie?”  Once this question is answered, the first instinct is then to think that a bolo tie is a silly neck trinket that is only worn by old fashioned, out of date cowboys and possibly an occasional Hispanic, both of which probably have a face adorned with a moustache of some kind, most likely of the handlebar fashion.

In an episode of the wonderful tv program “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, the three main characters come up with a scheme to sell gas door to door in order to profit from high gas prices.  Charlie decides that it will help their case if he pretends to be a wealthy “oil guy” from Dallas.  Naturally, his costume to portray this wealthy oil tycoon from Dallas is a cowboy hat, and yup, you guessed it, a bolo tie.  This is one way we see that a bolo tie can be used when dressing up, but not always stuck in the cowboy cliche as many tend to put it.  The bolo tie can be used in other ways to dress up an outfit, and as we have outlined in other articles, is a great way to stand out.  It has also been mentioned before, but both Bruno Mars and Macklemore wore a bolo tie as part of their attire to complement their sharp shirts and blazers at the Grammy’s; this is yet another great example of how to dress up a bolo tie.

Of course, the bolo tie does not just have to be a tool used to stand out and cause a scene when dressing up.  It can also maintain a classy and elegant feel.  One way to do this is to use it as part of the men’s attire at a wedding.  This could make a great neckwear for the groomsman and/or groom, and could also be the gift for the groomsman.  The bolo tie is also a wonderful substitute for a tie or even a bow tie.

There is no limit to what the bolo tie can accomplish, and as the old adage goes, “the man makes the suit”, not the other way around.  Here at Above and Bolo, we completely agree and know that if you exude the right amount of confidence, you can wear the bolo tie with anything and steal the show.  And remember, it’s better with a bolo.


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