Bolo Ties For Sale

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Once someone understands what a bolo tie is, the next thought might be, “ok, so it is kind of like a tie and also a necklace; so when do I wear it?”  The short answer is: whenever you want!  Looking at the previous explanation, one seed that you can also wear it whenever you would wear a tie or necklace, but of course it is not limited to these lone scenarios.

One way to wear a bolo tie, which is discussed in greater detail in another article, is to dress it up.  This basically means wear it to a wedding, an Oscar after-party, a bat mitzvah, etc.  Now, can I see James Bond wearing a bolo tie at the poker table at the Monte Carlo when he went head to head with Le Chiffre and almost died before winning the pot?  Absolutely!  But more realistically, probably not...

Speaking of poker and betting big against high stakes, I recently hosted a poker night at my home and I was wearing a brightly colored flannel shirt with black jeans.  I added a bolo tie with a turquoise color pendant to my get up and I can tell you that I got a handful of compliments, not to mention it added a whole new layer to my poker face, as no one could take their eyes off the retro relic.

You can also use a more casual approach, wear it with a basic button-down or throw a blazer on.  If you are religious or attend church, wear it to a church service, it will definitely catch some glances.

If you are a lady, you have a little more flexibility because a bolo tie in a way is a necklace, and there is much more wiggle room and a wider array of scenarios for which a necklace is appropriate.  Summer is quickly approaching, a bolo tie would go great while wearing that sexy new bikini you just ordered online and adds a new element to your sun kissed look.

In short, the only limit to when you could wear a bolo is what your imagination cannot fathom.  And remember, it is better with a bolo.

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