Uproxx humors us with their complete list of the many different types of people who wear Bolo Ties – including scoundrels, hit-men, and “young white city types doing it ironically” . . . Check out the article's full tongue in cheek list of Bolo Tie wearing "types" here

Regardless, we're hoping to catch Colin Farrell rocking the loose Bolo look throughout this season of True Detective.

What are YOU hiding...?

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Bolo boy
Bolo boy

February 22, 2018

Bolo ties aren’t worn by scoundrel. They’re worn by the Harry Houdinis of this world who are trying to break out of that claustrophobic prison known as “polite” society.

I wear them to work here in England. People say to me “what’s that??” I say BT and they look it up. Google tells them what they want to know.

My daughter likes the one with a horseshoe and horse’s head. There is some story to tell behind every bolo whether it comes from China or Navajo country.

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