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Forget the Metal...the Stone...the Cord: WHAT IS A BOLO TIE? - ABOVE + BOLO

Forget the Metal...the Stone...the Cord: WHAT IS A BOLO TIE?

Objects are never just objects as hard as you may try to separate yourself from them. They help us hold onto stories and feelings - they have meaning in our lives and can enrich the experiences we have. The bolo tie itself is rich in history and culture.

When you delve into any culture you will inevitably find polarizing subcultures, wedged apart by differences you may not see from afar. And while the sub cultures have so much in common, it is human nature to amplify difference. The opposite party will push on it, asking why. But what's constant between groups is what matters most - the common perspectives and values, that each has its' roots in. Something as simple as an emblem or symbol, shared throughout the subcultures can remind us of what connects us rather than what isolates us from each other. For the deep and wide reaching roots of country and Americana cultures, the Bolo Tie is that very emblem. 

It represents an awareness and appreciation of true quality in our lives. Appreciating the things in your life for what they are, for the character they hold, for the stories they tell. Not the price tag, not the exclusivity, not the nod you think you’ll get from the cooler person next to you. 

The bolo tie isn’t meant to be expensive, it isn’t meant to be flashy, it’s meant to ground you. It’s meant to call you back, to something that may be buried deep, an idea of what truly matters and what's real when the rest is stripped away.

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