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Shannon & The Clams Rock the Western Tie - ABOVE + BOLO

SHANNON & THE CLAMS: Re-Mixing that Retro Sound and Style

If you're into sweet retro sounds and some Americana fashion served on the side, look no further than indie band Shannon and The Clams. It's no surprise they make for a perfect subject for up-and-coming photographer/filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen (whose work we love, btw). Both artists effortlessly capture that retro, Americana "cool" within their chosen mediums--taking us all back to when clothes and music could cement bold statements and evoke that sweet sweet nostalgia.

Shannon and The Clams Wearing Western Ties

Shot outside an old hamburger joint, Cohen was able to vividly capture the unique and quirky personality of the band as they stylishly sport their old school Western Ties and suspenders, found here.

What do you think, could you pull off this look? Or do you have to be in a band? Let us know what you think! But either way, Shannon & The Clams are a must-listen... check out their latest music video (below) and see what these Western Tie-clad crooners are all about...

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